Trish Duggan is a business and community leader.

Trish Duggan, from Arlington, Virginia, is an experienced entrepreneur, dedicated philanthropist, and accomplished artist who has committed much of her time to improving the lives of men and women across the planet.


Trish is an alumnus of the University of California of Los Angeles, University of California at Santa Barbara, and a Jesuit University located in Japan.


She was first introduced to art by Mr. Yoshio Nakamura, who served as her art teacher during her high school years. They have remained close, and remarkably still stay in communication more than a half century later. Glass artist, Marlene Rose, has also heavily influenced Trish’s passion and appreciation of art. Marlene exposed Trish to the process of blowing glass. Her love of art has taken Trish around the globe, having visited places across South America, China, India, Europe, India, Nepal, and Japan. Ms. Duggan loves to travel, and greatly enjoys learning how other cultures differ from her own.


Trish Duggan has continually contributed to UCSB over the years. She has helped establish a Chair in the Biochemistry and Chemistry departments and the Tibetan Buddhist Chair of Studies. Additionally, Trish with the help of her mother contributed a remarkable collection of nearly 5,000 Buddhist Sutras for the library at UCSB.


Trish is heavily involved with the Santa Barbara Symphony, having previously served as a member of the Women’s Board of Directors for the symphony. In this capacity, she successfully headed the Symphony Ball initiative.


Furthermore, Ms. Duggan has also held the title of President of the Adoption Support Group located in Santa Barbara. This organization’s core mission was simple, yet vital; to educate and inspire men and women across the nation to adopt children domestically, as well as internationally.


Ms. Duggan is also one of the largest donors to one of the world’s most successful rehabilitation programs to control addiction to harmful drugs and alcohol. This non-profit drug rehabilitation program is geared at lowering substance addiction by using a well-demonstrated, all-natural approach. They have more than one hundred rehabilitation centers and drug prevention-education centers throughout the world and have aided millions of individuals in obtaining their freedom from drug and/or alcohol addiction.


Ms. Duggan also supports human rights and bettering the level of ethics in our society as a whole.  She is a generous donor to three major human rights initiatives. Furthermore, Ms. Duggan supports and advocates, which helps lower crime rates and improves human conditions in communities and in some cases, entire countries. Not ready to abandon or give up on anyone, Trish also donates to the world’s most successful rehabilitation program for those who have found themselves in correctional facilities, helping them successfully enter back into society as ethical and committed members.